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The Rise of Motorsports

NASCAR maybe have been responsible for the initial surge of popularity of Motorsports in our country but extreme Motorsports such a drag racing and super motocross have become a league all their own. Professional Motorsports have out grown hockey in popularity and more extreme Motorsports like drag racing have reaped the benefits. Drag racing is a sport which takes place in a specially modified car. Some of these cars can go from a standing start and run the quarter mile in under four seconds. Short and sweet, drag racing leaves the fans begging for more. There's a lot that goes into preparing for a drag race. First off, a team has to ensure that the car is running at optimum speed, tune up their super machine up, pay their motor trade insurance online, and head out to the track to race. Drag racers are moved on flat beds or in trailers because many of them are illegal to drive on the street. All these extra expenses might seem like a waste of money but a lot of race is paid up to 5,000 between sponsorship and prize money. The purses can get even larger if the racer can make it into a championship series. There are many different circuits which allow drag racing and they each pay a different amount for wins and losses. These are all things to consider if you are want to begin a career in drag racing.

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High flying dirt bikes

Another sport that has exploded in popularity is the super motocross. This sport combines a lot of strength and endurance to make it all the way to the finish line. Dirt bikes are modified motorcycles which are specially designed for driving off road. Super motocross tracks are almost always enclosed dirt tracks. Crashes and collisions in this sports are quite common because of the less than ideal terrain. The course is usually riddled with uneven jumps which the riders most navigate in order to win. Another innovation in the sport which many fans love is the super motocross freestyle jump. The athletes which partake in these amazing jumps risk life and limb every time they take to the air. Some riders get as high as 40 feet in the air as the twist, turn and gyrate while doing extremely advanced tricks. Known as adrenaline junkies, these extreme athletes may not receive a lot of individual notoriety but they increase the popularity of their support by leaps and bounds every time the fly through the air. Some of the more advanced riders even combine some of these amazing tricks such as the Super Man and the recliner in to breath taking combinations. The level of concentration involved to maneuver the bike while twisting their own body and concentrating on sticking the landing is impeccable. Not to mention staring imminent danger in the face as they sore through the air at forty feet high. The world of extreme Motorsports May owe its new popularity to NASCAR but it has done plenty on its own to deserve a lot of credit.